October 9-11, 2011
Palazzo Feltrinelli, Gargnano (Brescia), Italy


Workshop on the Popularization of Informatics as a Science

The importance of the culture of informatics in secondary, and even primary schools, has been pointed out by many teachers and scientists, but too often pupils only experience ICT, both at home and at school, and confuse it with informatics.

This observation sparked a number of initiatives (like contests, games, exhibitions, books devoted to the general public, workshops in compulsory schools, magazines for teenagers, radio and tv shows, ...) in various countries all finalized at presenting informatics as a science in an amusing but principled fashion.

INFOCULT is a workshop that aims at gathering the groups working on or interested in similar activities; this way they can come to know each other and interact, in order to optimize their efforts and to maximize the outcomes of their initiatives.

The workshop is organized by ALaDDIn, the Lab for Dissemination and Didactics of Informatics of the University of Milan, and will be held at Palazzo Feltrinelli, a beautiful historical Villa in Gargnano (Brescia), on Lake Garda, Italy.

INFOCULT is sponsored by Google CS4HS and there is no registration fee. Participants may apply for free accomodation and meals; a limited number of requests will be accepted, in strict order of arrival. To register, please send an email to aladdin@dsi.unimi.it.

Thanks to Kangourou Italia for its careful organizing support.